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What and Why

This will be used in all communications and promotions regarding this event. For best results make it short and distinct from other events.
This is the "what" of the event. In 2-3 sentences, describe what will happen during the event. This description will be the advertising message used for Sunday announcements, emails, social media, and the online calendar.
This is the "why" of your event.

Who will participate?

Who will this event reach? Who will participate? The Ministry Target is the demographic group that will be reached by the event. Here are some examples of ministry targets: men of the church, senior adults, new believers, deaf persons, married couples, youth, children.
How many people do you expect to participate?

Who will lead?

Every event must have a Ministry parent under whose umbrella it will exist. The leader of the sponsoring ministry must endorse your event.



Please check the Eagle Ridge Church calendar to avoid direct conflicts, such as having two meals prepared onsite at the same time. As we grow some scheduling conflicts will be unavoidable, but be sensitive to those who already have events locked in.
When will participants arrive?
Same as Start Date for one-day events.