On Campus Services: 9 & 10:30am with Live Stream Services on Facebook and YouTube @ 10:30am & 6:00pm on Sunday


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Finding a new church can be a daunting process! At Eagle Ridge Church, we strive to provide as many avenues as possible to give you the opportunity to connect with others. Our burden is that there is not enough time or opportunity to connect with other people if you only attend Sunday morning worship services.

In the midst of juggling our busy schedules and trying to live a simpler life, we encourage you to be involved in three things: our Sunday morning Worship Celebrations, to serve in a ministry, and to attend a weekly small group class called NEST Groups. By being involved in each of these three areas, you will connect on a deeper and more meaningful level with Eagle Ridge and ultimately with our Savior!

Connection Lunch

Are you new to Eagle Ridge? Are you considering making Eagle Ridge your home? This lunch is designed for you. This is our membership informational lunch and class. Come and hear our vision, personality, next steps, and more.
Contact the church office for the next scheduled class.

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