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Jesus Encounters 3– by Steve Lennertz

We’re going to look again at the Gospel of John, which tells the story of Jesus’ encounter with two sisters, Mary and Martha and their brother Lazarus.

Jesus Encounters 2– by Steve Lennertz

Two individuals encounter Jesus, one in John chapter three, and one in chapter four. Though they are very different people, both share a common need—a need we all have!

Jesus Encounters – Part 1 by Steve Lennertz

2000 years ago, Jesus entered the seen and many individuals not only encountered Him, but their lives were forever changed by these encounters. Over the next several weeks, we will be exploring various encounters, meetings which Jesus had during His ministry, I call JESUS ENCOUNTERS! I believe this will be a life changing series, with the potential impact of drawing you and those you invite to church to a significant life changing encounter with Jesus!”